2.1 Design Authoring


A process in which 3D software is used to develop a Building Information Model based on criteria that is important to the translation of the project’s design. Authoring tools create models while audit and analysis tools study or add to the richness of information in a designed model. Most of audit and analysis tools can be used for Design Review and Engineering Analysis BIM Uses.

Design authoring tools are a first step towards BIM and the key is connecting the 3D model with a powerful database of properties, quantities, means and methods, costs and schedules.

Potential value:
  • Improved communcation of design to all stakeholders
  • Improved ability for quality control of project design, costs and schedule
  • Powerful design visualization
  • True collaboration between project stakeholders and BIM users
Resources Required:
  • Design Authoring Software
  • Common Data Platform for sharing design models
Team Competencies Required:
  • Ability to manipulate, navigate and review a 3D model
  • Knowledge of construction means and methods
  • 3D Design experience
Proces diagram: